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  • Andrea Kristin

2 Food docos that will change your eating habits for the better

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

People are aware on different levels about what foods are not very good for you, from common knowledge that sweets and chocolates 'are bad' to a deep understanding about hidden added chemicals, hormones, artificial sweeteners and the like and what impact these make on your body and mind.

No matter where you sit on the scale about understanding what's in the foods you eat and what effect they are having to your body, I urge you to watch the two following documentaries if you haven't already.

That Sugar Film

This is about an Australian guy who decides to eat the average amount sugar that Australians consume every day from foods that are considered 'healthy'. The film progresses into talking about the state of health both in Australia and America, how food companies are heavily investing in insuring the sugar industry doesn't get the same bad rap that fat did years ago, and the discovery of exactly what is going into foods. This film isn't another short story of a guy getting fatter by eating a certain thing that only extreme people would do, it explores deep issues in culture, business and governments and this is what has made this film a stand out to me. I challenge you to watch this and not take something away from it. A caution - It will make you a little scared of a huge group of foods but it's a good thing! It's time to open your eyes to what you are putting in your body and make well informed choices for your life and your body. After all it's the only one you will ever have.

Food Inc

This documentary is more about the horrible state of food production in America. It discusses all aspects of food production issues from poor working conditions, animal cruelty, monopoly over the life stock and seed industries, financial traps for farmers, government conflict of interests, food safety and lack of transparency with consumers. Although this film only explores America it is clear that any country that is also mass producing food has very similar issues happening. This reason I recommend this film is because you are likely to learn things about the food you consume that you didn't already know, and only though being empowered with this knowledge are you able to better choices about what foods you should buy. What I also liked about it is that it didn’t just dump all of this bad news and not give you any hope as to what you can do to change it, it concludes with a really positive and empowering message. I believe everyone will take different things out of this film, depending on what fits your beliefs and morals best and what is feasible for you to do in your daily life. However, I believe this documentary will change your eating habits to one that is healthier because you are informed with what has happened to your fresh meat, fruit and veg before you receive it and avoid consuming the hormones, medications and poisons your food has been treated with. In turn you will also help to support practices that are better for the workers, farmers and animals in the food industry. It's a must watch!

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