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Designing a small room for a toddler

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

My little boy is almost 2yrs and it has come time to move him out of the nursery and the cot in prep for the arrival of baby number 2.

His new room is pretty small: 3.5m x 2.4m and without a built in and one of the larger walls is all low windows so you can’t put anything against it. So i had to really plan out the space to make the most of it.

I have loved having a rocking chair in the nursery for feeding, settling and then reading as he got older so fitting a nice comfortable chair in his room was a must have. We are big on bed time stories and it’s so nice to be able to sit together and have the wind down and bonding time. I chose this beautiful grey chair from Adairs.

Speaking of bedtime stories, we have collected quiet a few books that we rotate through each night so I also needed a bookshelf. I didn’t want a floor one due to the danger of it falling on him (now that he isn’t in a cot) and also due to space. So I got some nice wall hung shelves from an Etsy seller called Wood You Buy that fit perfectly behind the door - a real space saver! And it’s handmade locally in Australia- tick tick!

As I didn’t have a wardrobe in this room and didn’t have a space to install one, I opted for a deep low chest of draws. Low so there isn’t a worry about it tipping over and decent sized draws to fit his entire wardrobe in, I even have a full draw just for nappies and wipes, so it’s all tucked away. Luckily I had this piece from my great grandma and a couple of years back I re-finished it in a distressed white so it fitted the style I was going for in this room.

For the bed, I didn’t want to go with a toddler sized bed as it’s actually only cot size so he will grow out of it sooner, and I wanted a gender neutral style so that I can use it for my second babe if it’s still in good condition. I also wanted a bed that was low to the ground so if he falls out it’s not too far! (And so it’s easy for him to get in and out of.) I love the look of these house design beds and got this one from Fantastic Furniture.

The other key item I wanted space for in here was a toy box for his favourite things. I like a tidy room! (Good luck right?!) We practice pack up after each time we play, so here’s hoping I can drill this into him! This toy box is from Adair’s Kids and I love it, not too big - so it fits at the end of his bed and yet fits quite a bit in it. It has a gas strut on the lid so there is not accidental slamming of fingers which I love!

The last must have is a sheepskin for the floor. I had one in the nursery and it was so good to keep my feet warm when feeding through the night in winter! But now that he is older it’s a nice soft space to play on. It also adds so much warmth to the room and feels so good under foot. This one is also from Adair’s and is a good large size. (Even my dog Daphne loves it!!)

In terms of themes I wanted to choose something that is easy to switch out as he grows and likes change. I went with a jungle / animal theme and got these beautiful palm tree decals from Little Rae Prints - another small Australian business which I love supporting. I chose a bed spread designed by Karina Jambara for Adair’s and it’s just so cute! I love indoor plants but with this wild child I can’t have a real one that he can reach so I have a real Happy Plant on his dresser and a fake Monstera by the chair that can handle his attacks!!

I got this Elephant stool from Kmart and it’s just a cute little piece that we actually both use all the time! The panda laundry hamper is so handy for throwing all his dirty clothes in, which there is a lot! This is from H&M. The whale print I have had since he was born from a seller called Digitives on Etsy, she does so many amazing prints, I love this piece.

With a house bed I wanted to hang some dreamy things of it so I got this wool cloud bunting from a seller called Rainbows and Clover on Etsy and a sheer curtain from Spotlight that I sewed together.

As his windows face east, the sun beams in his room big time from break of light so blackouts were a must. I went of S curtains as they sit so nice and neat when out or tucked back. They ended up a little darker than what I expected but they work great and I like the look. These are from Blinds Online which was such a good price as so needed so much of it.

Lastly our floors are dark stained original floorboards so I wanted a light rug to brighten up the room with a small bit of pattern to break it up and survive life with a toddler! This was also from Adairs.

I am so happy with what we have been able to fit in here; full size single bed, deep chest of draws, bed time reading chair, laundry hamper, stool, lots of book shelves and of course his toy box! it’s perfect for him 🙌🏼

No products or items in this room were gifted, paid for or done in exchange for this post. Everything listed was things I found and purchased myself for it‘s style, functionality and quality.

I hope this gives you some ideas and inspires you!

AK xx


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