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  • Andrea Kristin

VS Sport: The best all-rounder sports bra

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I have many different sports bras all for different types of workouts and a lot of them are quite good, but ranking highest across all areas are my all-time favourite sports bras from Victoria Secret Sport. Here is the low down of how well they rank across all the areas I look for in a sports bra. Fit Sizing options are the same as bras, so you can get any cup size with any width, which is pretty unheard of with most other sports bras. No more ill-fitting sports bra problems! Look All bras are shaped with a built in soft padded cup. Unlike many other sports bras these ones look amazing under clothes where they give more of a look of a t-shirt bra than a sports bra. You don't become flat chested from wearing their sports bras unlike so many other brands. With the thin shaped padding you get a nice smooth finish, and with it built in you don't have any issues of the cups folding up or falling out in the wash, losing shape and moving out of position in your sports bra.

Coverage The coverage and support is excellent. By being shaped with built in molded cups rather than just flat material the coverage is in all the right places by hugging the curves of your body without looking too big or bulky. There isn't a work out you wouldn't feel comfortable doing in them. They are soft and comfortable for yoga and the only sports bra I trust for my high impact classes such as body attack.

Style They have a big range of colours, prints and styles, so they are bound to have ones you like. Victoria secret are great at having endless options, so if you like a particular style you are not locked into only a couple of colours, you can pick from a large mix of fabrics and colours so that you can find the perfect style to match your other work out gear. The branding is simple on the back or bevelled into the straps giving them a clean look. Also as mentioned earlier they give you great shape so you can wear these under any top and feel confident, feminine and supported no matter if you are working out or not.

Comfort Due to the sizing options allowing you to find the perfect fit, these bras very comfortable. The molded cup holds in your chest from all sides rather than just feeling like a tight band over your whole chest (which so many other high support ones feel). Besides this, one of my favourite features of their bras is that they have either a front or back closure. One of my pet hates is trying to pull off a sports bra over my shoulders and head when I am tired and sweaty! The back closures are a simple bra clip system, the front closures are either a clip and zip or just a zip. All types are no fuss and stay in place. All bands are comfortable and soft.

Ease of care/ Quality These bras are tough! Unlike my normal bras (that I give a lot more care to) I throw all my sports bras in the washer without using a laundry bag and I put them in the tumble dryer! The cups are still perfect. They don't bend, crease or loose shape, the straps don't lose stretch, I really can't fault them especially since I put them through a pretty rough washing process every week! So that's what I have found with their bras and what makes them the best all-rounder when it comes to sports bras.

AK xx

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