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Everyday underwear that look AND feel amazing. They exist!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

We all have some super sexy underwear, really skimpy, lacey, embellished, etc. While they are an important part of your underwear collection, these are not what you are wearing day in and day out. Most of us are guilty for having some daggy, unflattering underwear that we keep because they are so comfortable. But wearing underwear that you know looks good is empowering, even if no one sees them, you know they are there. So when we are talking about your everyday underwear, we are talking ones that you are wearing almost every day, the ones you have the most of, the ones you like to wear with or without your period. The underwear that doesn't make you itchy or ride up. It seems us women are always having to choose between underwear looking great (both under clothes and by themselves) or being comfortable enough to be your go to pair. It's easy to think that these two things - look and feel are mutually exclusive, but they don't have to be! Here's the features I have found, tried and tested that tick all the boxes. Ultimate comfort, doesn't give you horrible lines under your clothes, and... and, you will never be embarrassed of someone seeing them, they look cute and flattering! Ok, first up is the cut. You want what is called the 'cheekini' this is the perfect blend of a bikini brief - which is always so comfortable but is a little bit 'mumsy', and the cheeky cut which always looks good but usually always rides up leaving you to pull them out of your butt all day! So by blending these two cuts together you find the perfect medium, showing enough cheek to look amazing without the problem of them riding up, just enough coverage to stay put all day long. As of the sides, it's not too wide to look giant and unsexy but it's not ultra thin that will cut in and give you a muffin top. Secondly is all about getting the right size. It sounds obvious but so many people wear the wrong sized underwear. Don't always assume that the size you are in clothes is the size underwear you should be buying, find which size works best. If you get underwear too small for you it will be giving yourself a muffin top and in order to cover the top of your bum you will be pulling them up higher than they are made to go causing them to want to ride up and be uncomfortable. If you are buying underwear too big, the issue is they are naturally sitting too high meaning the fabric that is made to be between your legs is now wrapped up your bum throwing the cut way out and they will either ride up horribly or be floppy. Both are bad options. Remember the read the rise stated on the underwear, if they are high on you, they are too big, if they are lower, they are too small. Buy a high cut if you like your underwear high, don't go up sizes in a hip cut. Trust me!! Now to one of the most important features, the fabric. What you are looking for firstly is at the seems. You definitely don't want the seems to have sown elastic, this will cut into the shape of you bum. This will not only give you really obvious lines under most things you where, but on loose clothes you can feel the dent these seems will make or without clothes you will see it ruin the shape of your bum. So what you are looking for, is seems that do not have elastic and are as flat as possible, meaning that they won't cut into your bum in anyway, but rather follow your natural shape. My most favoured seem is where lace trim is sown flat on the edge, this not only disperses the seem from pushing in anywhere on your bum but it also looks really adorable on as the lace part is semi see through it give the look of a smaller cut without the discomfort. Also never underestimate having a tiny bow on the front, it's an easy way to made your bland underwear look a little cuter! Now, back on the topic of lace, I do not recommend having full lace fabric across your bum unless it's really high quality super soft lace, standard stiff lace is not as soft or comfortable as the nice silky fabrics you can get. When it's just the trim it doesn't irritate or itch. Having lace on the front is a personal preference. If you have laser hair removal you can find it quite comfortable, so it's a good option and looks great. If you shave, wax or trim you would probably want to steer clear of the lace fronts for your everyday underwear option. A silky, soft fabric looks and feels much nicer than standard cotton, plus I also find that they stay nicer for longer, cotton seems to get lint balls and loose shape quicker. Always do however check that the crutch is lined with cotton. It's been proven to be the best fabric for your business as it's really breathable. Outside of what to buy, know when to get rid of your underwear! Don't hold onto underwear that has pulls and holes in them. If they have been a victim of getting colour stained by other things in your wash, get rid of them. Don't keep onto white underwear that are now a weird streaky grey! Let that remind you to always separate your colours! Lastly, try and match your underwear and bras as often as possible. Never underestimate the power of wearing matching underwear! Whether you are in a relationship or not, start to take make it a habit to dress well from your first layer out. Just like how make up, clothes you like, and and good hair can make you feel great, so can your underwear. 

It's time to step up your everyday underwear game. Keep the comfort without sacrificing the looks. It feels good to have underwear that you are not embarrassed about, that you aren't worried about your partner, friends or that guy you are kind of seeing, from seeing you in them. Most importantly, for how good you feel when you put them on. AK xx

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