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  • Andrea Kristin

Wovii towels - An active person's best friend

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Ok, so we are going to talk practical towels! If you have ever found yourself getting frustrated with the towels you are taking out and about not drying in time, hate that they take up your entire bag, or loath having to do numerous loads of towel washes a week, then this post is for you!

I originally got contacted by Wovii to do some photography for them. After I had done the shots, I had a whole bunch of these towels so I started to swap them out with the other towels I was using for various things. I have been using Wovii towels for the last 9 months and they have naturally integrated into my life so much so that I now honestly can't imagine my life without them. I haven't been asked or incentivised in any way to write this post, I just really love how great they are and I am constantly getting asked by the people I am with about them.

They come is all different sizes and just seeing them you might mistake it for a microfiber towel, but don't let this fool you. While it is ultra light and compact like microfiber, it isn't static or 'grippy' in any way, it is extremely fluffy and soft to the touch. It almost feels like a super cuddly blanket.

When you are thinking of a standard towel, they are naturally quite bulky and heavy, and once they are wet this only worsens. A standard used towel takes a good 12 to 24 hours to dry out. This is how Wovii is different, it's so light, rolls up nice and tight without the weight and best of all it doesn't take forever to dry. If we are taking about the use of your normal bathroom towels, where you are not taking them outside of the house, the kind of features Wovii towels has aren't very relevant, but if you are active in any way, this is where they come into play.

Swimming, surfing and all the water sports

Obviously, if you are in the water regularly, this towel shines. Super light and compact to pack into your bag, but still a full sized towel to dry you nicely. Hang it over your door, at your work, in your car, I have done all of these and it's dry in no time, ready to use the next day and still smelling nice and clean. You won't have to change towels as often like other compact sports towels that get smelly easily. Plus they take up little room in your washing machine, meaning you can just throw them in with similar colours without having to do a full towel wash. For the guys, they also have a jumbo size, which my husband loves. Big enough for all the tall guys and for wrapping up their big wetsuits in.

Gym and fitness training

I used to use a fitness brand specific towel for showering after the gym as it was light and small, but I really wasn't a fan of it, it felt like a shammy! Ultra thin, little absorbency, grippy and it would smell after one use. After a while I ended up opting for taking my bath towel instead, which was huge and would never dry in time for the next day. I now always have 2 Wovii's in my gym bag. A small pocket size one to take on the gym floor (to sweat all over!) then a regular size one for showering before heading to work. They both fit so easily into my gym bag, and I generally drape my shower towel over my back seat in my car when I get to work, and by the time I finish it's dry and smells fresh. I am one of those girls that likes to wrap my wet hair up after my shower while I get ready, and this is where I now couldn't live without it! It's so light on my head, doesn't fall off, and gets all the drips out of my hair ready to blow dry it. They also have a loop sewn on it so you can hang it easily on the back of the shower door hook. Talking from experience, there is nothing more frustrating then when you hang your towel on the hook and it slips off onto the wet public floor before you can grab it!!

Travel and adventuring

When you need to pack a towel for traveling/ hiking / camping and all these other exciting adventurous things you might do, I am sure you have looked into the light weight travel towels that are in adventure stores such as Kathmandu. If you have ever used any of the towels you would agree that they are either like a shammy or they are actually a microfiber cloth. They aren't all that nice, not super absorbent and do smell very easily. Having a Wovii towel means you get all the perks of what an adventuring towel provides without any of the down sides. I have tested these towels out camping, hiking, traveling overseas, and they are always the envy of everyone else that I am with.

Hot Yoga

Getting a good hot yoga towel can be very challenging, especially if you like to practice on your towel. I am not one that spreads my towel out across my entire mat as I always end up scrunching it up and I like to wipe my face and arms when I get super sweaty. So I leave my towel folded at the top of my mat and when my hands get crazy sweaty and start to slip, I put it under my hands. So if your someone that likes to do yoga on your towel, this probably isn't the towel for you as it's not designed to grip to your mat. If on the other hand you are like me, it's a great option. When you don't need the crazy amount of grip, it's much more absorbent than a yoga towel and unlike a standard towel it's more compact and light weight, it definitely lowers the burden of washing.

Aside from how practical they are, they also come in so many cute colours. This makes it easy to know who's towel is who's in your household and what one you used for what thing. I honestly didn't think I could get that passionate about towels, but these towels have made my active lifestyle so much easier in terms of packing, carrying and washing. I now permanently have a Wovii towel in my hiking and riding backpack, two in the back of my car, and two in my gym bag! They are like skittles scattered throughout my life!

So if any of these problems with towels sounds familiar to you, I recommend trying one out. I think you will be pleasantly surprised and you will also be supporting a local Australian young mum who owns and designs these towels.


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