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  • Andrea Kristin

My top 3 pants specifically for yoga

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

When it comes to activewear there are a lot of great brands out there, however when it comes to yoga the requirements are a little different. A yoga pant should be smooth all over, no zippers or bumps to get in the way. The compression should be light to allow for lots of free movement and little pressure on your legs. The rise should be mid to high waist to keep everything in and fuss free, no middle seem through the crutch (to avoid camel toe!) and of course not see through. Here are my 3 top picks when it comes to doing yoga and why they are my favourites. 3. Rumi - yoga pant

Firstly I must point out just how amazingly ethical and eco-friendly these pants are. Made in quality working conditions and from 100% recycled bottles! So before they make it to you there are already very yogic pants! The rise is a little higher than mid but not quite high wasted. The waist band is wide, soft and has very little seams making them comfortable yet secure to get bendy without worrying. The cut and seams are very simple however are balanced out with a large range of beautiful unique prints to give them personality and style. These pants stay right in place without feeling restrictive and the material is smooth and flattering. The fabric is a rather thick and warm so they are really fantastic pants for the cooler months but wouldn't be my first pick on a hot summers day! Despite been made of plastic they are actually really breathable. In hot yoga they soak up your sweat really well so your legs never become slippery or annoying regardless of what pose you are throwing yourself into. The eco friendly mixed with the zero fuss comfort and beautiful prints is what made these pants come number 3 for my all time fav for yoga. I would love to see them have a lighter fabric, summer friendly version (this would bump them up my list for sure)!

2. Lululemon - align pant

These pants have been dubbed the 'naked pant', and it's honestly the best way to describe the feel of these pants! Like butter they just melt into your skin, giving you the feeling of total freedom and mobility. There is no sense of tight compression that running pants have (in fact the lowest compression tights that lulu makes before the loose fitted range), making them perfect for yoga. They are unbelievably soft to the touch that you will want to curl up in them! The rise is high waisted so while they are giving you the feeling of being naked they also give you a sense that everything is in check and all good for making shapes. These pants are a serious must if you are a yogi. One thing I did wish is that their range of this material would grow in terms of having some prints and also a full length option. I find that a full length legging for hot yoga is better as you don't have the sweaty slippery lower parts of your legs to contend with for poses that require a hand bind. 1. The Upside - yoga pant

My all time favourite yoga pants are by the upside. While they have a little more structure to them than the naked pant, they are just as amazing or if not better feeling in a different way. They are all made from a heavenly fabric that is ultra thin, slippery and slinky on the outside that all you want to do it touch them and run your hands along your legs when you have them on! This finish make them an extremely flattering pant. You will look good and feel so good in them, and never underestimate the power of feeling great in what you are wearing. When they are off and you pull on the fabric they don't seem all too stretchy yet when they are on they fit to your body in a way that is perfect. No restriction, no hint of going see through, no crutch dropping or re-arranging required. You put them on and they stay exactly in place. I feel confident in even my most challenging classes in a pair out upside yoga pants. Despite being so silky to touch when you need to grip your legs for poses they are surprisingly not slippery on your hands. The waist is also one of my favourite features, it's a high waist that has a number of seams from the hip up giving you great shape, keeping you secure and being comfortable. A beautiful bow at the front is also a cute detail that has yet to get in my way. They come in a wide range of prints that are constantly getting updated, and I assure you that the fit along with the prints will mean you will always get a compliment or a 'where are they from' remark from your friends. All of these reasons is why these are my first pick from my cupboard when it comes to yoga.

Happy yogaing ! xx AK

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