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Country road: Starting to put their money where their image is... Australia!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

I am always conscious of taking small steps to help my consumption be more ethical to people, animals and the environment. I am also a huge supporter of Australian companies and families.

It’s obvious to expect that cheap fast fashion isn’t very ethical. If a piece of clothing can be a couple of dollars you know there are some big problems to how it’s made, and how people have been treated to produce it as the big companies are always making a profit. But with the more expensive brands it’s easier to assume that they are more ethical, that the quality you are getting means it’s made not only with better materials but in better circumstances for the people and environment they are made in. Sadly it’s not the case for most ’quality’ brands. They are still chasing the cheapest way to make products and often turning a blind eye to the cost of that.

So, I am so pleased to see that County road is taking some steps towards getting some of their range to be made in Australia, made with Australian cotton and wool, or made from recycled materials. Not only is it helping to revive Australian manufacturing, farming, jobs and artisans but it also means people are paid a decent wage for their work and in safe environments. For being such an iconic Australian fashion house it’s important that they are using Australian suppliers and starting to be more ethical. The price point of their items is at a level that should reflect ethical production.

This is only the beginning, I can only hope and encourage that they continue to expand their Australian range until almost all items are either made with or made in Australia.

Check out the film below to see what they are doing and meet their suppliers:

As with all consumption, please remember that if you have the money to choose a more ethical option of something, please do. Every dollar you spend is your vote and support to what and how things should be made. Companies and industries respond to buying power, after all its their MO! So always think about more than just what is the cheapest when choosing what you are going to get, and together we can make real lasting change to reduce waste, end worker and child exploitation, and improve the environmental impact production creates.

This post was in no way paid or asked of me from country road, just my own thoughts and feelings about what they are doing.

AK xx


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