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Easiest household items swaps - Beginner level to Sustainability

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

I know a lot of changes to becoming less wasteful and more sustainable require you to change your habits (such as taking keep cups with you and remembering to clean them, reusable food wraps that require you to clean after use instead of throwing out, etc) it can be a bit of a road block or deterrent when starting out. So, here are some great ways to dip your toe into the land of reducing your impact that require no changes to your habits, you just have to swap what you pick next time you purchase:

Bamboo or plant based tooth brushes with plant based bristles

Tooth brushes are items we need to replace on a regular basis, so next time swap a plastic option for a bamboo or plant based one. Supermarkets are now starting to have a few options.

Natural wood and fibre dish scrubbers - with replaceable heads to be even less wasteful of the handle

swap out plastic scrubbers for a natural wood one, many have interchangeable heads so you can keep the handle when the bristles where out. Find them online from stores like Seed and Sprout or Biome.

Biodegradable or compostable dish cloths or sponges

Choose cloths and sponges that are biodegradable or compostable rather that ones made of plastic or synthetic fibres. Options are available in supermarket.

Refill bags for shampoo, conditioners, body wash and soap

Instead for getting a new bottle each time, opt for a soft refill bag. They often range from reducing 60% to 95% plastic by this simple swap. More and more brands are doing it and are available in supermarkets.

Partly or totally plant based or recycled garbage bags

Garbage bags are problematic as they are destined for landfill when even if they could breakdown (made from plant based materials) they don’t really do it in that environment. However choosing ones that are recycled or plant passed helps to lower the production of new plastics being created and that matters.

Compostable zip lock bags

If you are not ready to give up on having zip lock bags all tog, swap out the standard plastic ones for a compostable option, that way it won’t sit in landfill forever like soft plastics as they aren’t recycled but instead breakdown. Available in supermarkets.

Stainless steel clothes pegs

Next time you need more pegs so for stainless steel ones instead of plastic, not only will they last longer but you can recycle them at their end of life. Available online and in supermarkets.

Glass or porcelain storage containers

Next time you want to add to your Tupperware collection, don’t go plastic. There are loads of brands selling glass and porcelain ones of all sizes both online and in supermarkets. They can still go in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher so it’s happy days.

Of course there are still waste and sustainability issues with all these options but choosing something better is better than doing nothing at all. And remember that taking any step or thought to reduce your waste matters 👏🏼

AK xx



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