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  • Andrea Kristin

Vegas: A girls only trip and here's why...

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Vegas is quite possibly the party destination of the world. Nicknamed Sin City, it is a place where anything goes, there are no close times and everyone is in the mood to celebrate.

It is often thought of as a man's domain, where groups of guys go to let loose, pick up women, go to strip clubs and gamble. While this is all true it's really the girls who come out as winners from a trip to Vegas.

After a couple trips to Vegas I have learnt that it is a very, very sexist place, but not just how it appears on the surface, it is also sexist towards men, not just women!! While I do feel sorry for the sexism against guys, this is why it is important to leave them at home when you plan your trip to Vegas! I promise you it is the best way to experience Vegas and here's why...

VIP access to the best night clubs and pool parties for free.

It's the one time you don't need to be rich or famous to get your name onto the guest list of the hottest clubs and pool parties. All you need is yourself and your group of gal pals in check. During the day promoters for these clubs are walking up and down the boulevard looking for just girls to get onto their list. They have quotas to meet so they are keen to get you on their lists when you are not with guys. So keep your eyes open to spot yourself a promoter on your first day, but I am sure you will no doubt be approached by one before you know it. Be sure to let them know that you do not have any guys with you, it will ensure they get you top of the list at the best places. Once you have their details you can text them for the remainder of your trip whenever you want to find out where is best to go that night and to get on the list. Like all relationships it's a two way street, so make sure that if you say you are going to go to a club, that you do. Otherwise you will not get any more love from your promoter for further nights. When you arrive at the club there will be huge lines everywhere, be sure to look out for the guest list door as the line is a fraction of the length and you will be in, in no time.

Outside of promoters you can often go online and book / request to go on the guest list of any of the clubs and pool parties. By only having girls you are very likely to get approval and your names on the list. Doing it this way is often good for when there is a specific place you want to go that your promoter doesn't look after, or for when it's a paid pool party where you need a ticket in any case.

Free drinks every night

Almost every time you get yourself on a guest list you are able to get free drinks. It usually requires getting there by a certain time, so be sure to find those details out first. Often you get an arm band which allows you to go up to the bar and get a range of house drinks for free until a certain hour or all night.

If you can't quite get your act together to get there before the free drinks end, don't worry as you will most likely not spend a penny once you are in. Guys not only have to pay to get in but they have to pay for a table or cabana which can be more than a couple of grand. With this they get bottles of alcohol and mixers on their table, what they usually don't have is any girls, and it's hard for them to talk to any as they are fenced off in their private area! Promoters often approach groups of girls and ask them to go join guys at a table. I know this is actually really creepy and I definitely thought so the first time it happened to me. I didn't think it was a good idea at all but my friends were keen for the free drinks so we did! The reality is there are no strings attached. I think these guys just want to look the part more than anything, every time we have joined a table I met some amazing people, have great conversation and then went out separate ways.

Free tables and private cabanas

Like just detailed above you can easily join a table through been asked by a promoter or by simply approaching a table and striking conversation.

The other, more preferred option is to get a table from the promoter or at the door by simply asking. These places often have a large number of tables and so they don't often have them all pre booked so in order for the club to look good they often get groups of girls to have the free tables with free drinks. The standard conditions of getting a free table are that if the table gets booked during the night you get kicked out of it and that you can't bring any guys to your table. This actually was a really good rule for when you wanted a pure girls night!!

No return favours required

I think this is the most important and foreign thing about Vegas for me. I have been with my now husband for quite a long time and whenever I am out with my girlfriends and guys approach us they tend to stop talking to me as soon I tell them I have a guy, like I suddenly become worthless or sometimes they become very flirty to try be with you anyway like it's a sport for them. Never can you just have a great conversation with a guy if your taken, until I went to Vegas that is. I had never experienced this before, where I would start talking to someone explain I have a partner and they respond nicely and continue to have great conversation. I have made some really great friends while I was in Vegas that I am still in contact with. This also goes for the single girls. In Sydney it's a pretty blanket rule to not except a free drink from a guy unless you willing to be interested in them for a good amount of the night. My friends and I have a very clear understanding that nothing is for free in this domain. However in Vegas this is different as well, when a guy buys you a drink they tend to just have a quick convo with you and then move on, it's really so weird to me! They invite you over to have a drink and politely wish you a good rest of the night when you move on.

Other women aren't as competitive or bitchy

This is also a big one for me, I don't know if it's because of all of the above reasons but other girls are so lovely! Due tour first trip to vegas being such a good one, my friends organised to take me to Vegas for my hens (I know, a crazy story where my best friends took me there all the way from Australia for a week!) and when any girl noticed or found out I was engaged they came give me a big hug, congratulated me and wished me luck, all with so much sincerity. It was really so heart warming. That literally would never happen in Sydney, girls in bars are very competitive and bitter to other women that they don't know. I found that women are more likely to prop each other up rather than tear each other down.

Tips to make your Vegas girls trip amazing

Take vegas for what it is - embrace the tacky (this is an important one, I know too many people that didn't like it because they just wouldn't take it for what it is.)

Dance on everything

Make it about you and your friends not anyone or anything else

Don't get intimidated by anyone, your ability to have fun comes solely from your attitude not what is around you. (My first visit I got intimidated by the crowd of women with the full face of intense make up, fake boobs and tan, then I realised - why should I care? I was there with MY friends and thats all that mattered!)

Escape the part scene for one day and do a day trip to the Grand Canyon

So grab your gal pals and plan a girls only trip to Vegas. It is by far the best way to experience it while taking some time to bond and create amazing memories with your besties.

AK xx

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