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  • Andrea Kristin

Lululemon: The reigning king of quality

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

6 years ago I started going to a weekly yoga class at my gym, this is where I first started to notice Lululemon pants. I previously knew of the brand and stores but never really understood the need to buy premium gym clothes. It definitely seems a life time ago but back then everyone at the gym just wore old tee shirts and basic leggings. You would see the odd Nike item but mainly people just wore clothes they didn't mind would get sweaty and gross! It was not common to wear specific active wear to the gym. As time went on in my yoga class I kept seeing girls in lulu pants and it got to a point that I could pick out lulu pants straight away on anyone because everyone's butt looked amazing in lulu pants! I finally decided to give them a go for myself and bought my first pair. The cost was a lot for 'gym clothes' but I soon realised that they were worth every penny, not only did I feel great in them I finally had pants that stretched so nicely, didn't fall down or need adjusting, I could just get on with my workout. As they were so great I ended up hating all my other gear and wanted to replace it all! In not too long all my other gear lost shape, stretched out, or faded meanwhile my lulu pants were still like brand new, despite the fact that since they were my favourite I was wearing, washing and tumble drying them at least three times a week. This was the catalyst for changing everything to lulu and getting rid of all my other gym clothes, they had a level of quality I had never had before.

So 6 years later I still have my first pair of pants (pictured above just last week), I still use them at least once a week and they still look and feel great. Seriously I can believe it! The thousands of times I have used them and thrown them through my ruthless washing machine and dryer routine (I honestly give them zero care through this process!), I just can't fault them. My collection is now a lot larger than on pair of pants and the only things I have thrown out is because I am just sick of the style and they won't die! This makes the price verse use mean they are also the cheapest active wear items you can own. These days there are a lot more active wear brands on the market and a must have if you are working out, I own a lot of different brands now and I still can't beat the quality of Lululemon products they are just in a league of their own. This is really important to me as active wear is the one type of clothing that I didn't want to have to be careful with, I like to be able to run in salty sandy water, do Tough Mudder, do burpees with my whole front hitting the dirty ground, do yoga on the grass and a million other random things in them!! Girls like me who really push their active wear just can't go past Lululemon.

The quality extends past just their clothes; I have also had my gym bag for 5 years, I throw it in and out of my car four times a day most days, jam it into the gym lockers twice a day and throw it on my bed room floor every night. It's constantly filled with either stinky gym clothes or my fresh work clothes. This is my favourite bag of all time, there is a compartment for everything so my shoes don't touch my clothes, my stinky clothes are separated from my main compartment, there's a spot for my keys, headphones, water bottle, towel, toiletries, and all my other nick knacks I carry around! There is just no way I can fault the quality of this bag after how I consistently treat it and it currently looks like this.

I have not been asked or incentivized to write this post in any way. I wrote this because I am just so impressed with lululemon's products and wanted to share my long term use results. If you are ruthless with your active wear like I am I urge you to give their stuff a go!

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